The Brand FLUX

stands for decades of experience and continuous development.

Our pumps and systems have been in operation in industry and commerce worldwide for over 50 years. A technological lead that we have maintained to this day. Now we solve almost every user problem with our know-how. When you ask experts what pump technology they use, the name FLUX is usually mentioned. We are justifiably proud of this! Our products and equipment, from the simple centrifugal immersion pumps to the absolutely dry-running magnetical centrifugal pump, are of absolutely high quality. So that they work long, safely and flawlessly everywhere.


selbstansaugende pumpe
selbstansaugende pumpe

What sets us apart from others

Extremely safe products, extremely reliable service. This is our tradition.


And this is why, for decades, experts have trusted in FLUX products and devices.

Long-standing experience

As early as in 1961, FLUX supplied the first magnetically coupled centrifugal pump. The technological superiority we had at that time has been our outstanding feature up to this day. Our special pumps are used in trade and industry all over the world. Many years of acquiring know-how also find expression in the services rendered to the benefit of our clients. Actually, there should be no user problem we do not resolve. This, also, is a matter of experience.

Strong partners

Working now together with FLUX-GERÄTE GmbH, we are even stronger than before. Our network of customer advisors has expanded and we are able to offer a wider range of problem solutions.


Whatever challenge of fluid delivery you face, the job will be done best by a FLUX pump.


Just try us.

Excellent product quality

FLUX is on the outside. Made in Germany is inside. All our pumps and filters are entirely manufactured in Germany. This is certainly one reason for the superior quality of our products.


Since we are very serious about each pump and filter, every single one is thorougly checked in several stages before it leaves the company - with checks up and down the entire characteristic curve.

Reliable Service

You will recognize a genuine FLUX pump by its operating reliability. And it will always operate at your location!


To achieve this, we make every effort to help you in case of need. In Germany only, especially trained advisors are available at 14 service locations. From there we coordinate our service operations so that we arrive at your place as quick as possible.

Special designs to meet individual demands

Please do not hesitate to tell us your specific type of problem. It is a fact that standard designs often are not adequate for the specific use required. As a consequence, we are best prepared for special designs - and will realize them in no time.


If we exactly know your problem, we will be able to find a way to resolve it. This is also what FLUX stands for.