Advantages of our magnetically centrifugal pumps of PP/ETFE

Well thought out down to the smallest detail.

To deliver highly aggressive fluids even more safely and efficient, MAGSON pumps are packed with innovative features that will save you lots of money throughout their entire life cycle.

Maximum safety

  • no shaft seal for hermetically sealed chemical resistance due to ETFE (better than PVDF)
  • AC motors with thermal protection to avoid damage in case of motor overload
  • motor can be replaced in closed system (types 4 and higher)
  • self-priming MAS version available to deliver especially critical fluids out of double-shell tanks from above, for example

Maximum efficiency

  • types 4 and higher with spiral housing for top efficiency and ultra-low energy consumption
  • optimum suction fluid guidance for more efficiency (types 4 and higher)
  • competent advice to find the perfectly dimensioned design of your MAGSON pump
  • motors also available with frequency converter for the optimum operating point at all times

Maximum reliability

  • sturdy construction
  • inner magnet sheath made of PP without glass fibres for higher resistance
  • special suction fluid guidance counteracts cavitation (types 4 and higher)
  • flown-around shaft seat to cool the sleeve bearing (types 4 and higher

Minimal life cycle costs

  • low operating costs because of extremely high efficiency
  • requiring no maintenance
  • sleeve bearing with plastic sheath to protect the bearing seat from overheating in case of incomplete lubrication (types 4 and higher)
  • low repair costs due to replaceable shaft mounting in the housing (types 4 and higher)
  • short downtime and minimum expense when exchanging the motor because of the back pull-out design (types 4 and higher)
  • low expenses of stocking spare parts thanks to the modular design

Maximum flexibility

  • ETFE can be used for both acids and bases
  • slip-on flanges and thread adapters provide for flexible connection (standard features of types 4 and higher)
  • use of IEC standard motors immediately available worldwide
  • three-phase AC motor with standard PTC resistor for operation with cycloconverter
  • modular design for short delivery times