Advantages of our stainless steel magnetically centrifugal pumps

MAGSON MM - Well thought out down to the smallest detail

Whatever you want to deliver, we can offer you the appropriate combination of materials based upon concentration and temperature of the fluid.

Maximum safety

  • no shaft seal for hermetically sealed chemical resistance due to ETFE (better than PVDF)
  • ATEX execution available on request
  • AC motors with thermal protection to avoid damage in case of motor overload
  • Temperatures up to 120°C in standard design and up to 300°C possible on request
  • Motor may be exchanged while the system is hermetically sealed

Maximum efficiency

  • Spiral casing for best efficiency and ultra-low energy consumption
  • competent advice to find the perfectly dimensioned design of your MAGSON pump
  • motors also available with frequency converter for the optimum operating point at all times

Maximum reliability

  • sturdy construction
  • spacer can made of one piece for higher resistance
  • spacer can with elipsoid shape for higher pressures
  • flown-around shaft seat to cool the sleeve bearing (types 4 and higher

Maximale flexibility

  • Various metallic materials for all kind of applications
  • requiring no maintenance
  • CARTRIDGE UNIT for easy and fast maintenance
  • IEC standard motors for fast worldwide availability
  • three-phase motor with PTC as standard for
  • three-phase motors with PTC in standard for running with frequency converter